LiiveMatch was originally set up as a company which ran the dating site The company was dissolved some years back, and we are currently considering the future of the LiiveMatch domain, and an idea for developing a completely new web service which would bring people together in a different way.


Launched in 1999, was one of the first online dating services, and offered a unique psychometric questionnaire which considered personality compatibility with a view to enhancing the accuracy and success of the matching process. The LiiveMatch team worked with in Oxford UK who created a questionnaire, and algorithm which measured and compared the compatibility of any two personalities. ran successfully for approximately 10 years and gained a respected reputation in the UK as an online dating and relationships web service for the discerning dater.

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Perfect Partner

Have a go at our fun Facebook relationship quiz – Perfect Partner. Based on genuine research and work carried out with psychologists in Oxford UK, 8 quick questions tell you who your type is. See if you are with the right partner, or if you are looking for a partner, who would be the right one for you.

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